5th August


Early Years workshop with Polly Ives

The sun is down, the moon is up, and it's past bedtime. But outside the castle there's an awful lot of noise! Will the princess ever get to sleep? 

Join Polly for a musical journey through the noisy castle as we meet dragons, knights, giants and howling animals in Mick Inkpen’s well-loved story ‘Lullabyhullaballoo’.



Noise Academy

Learn to DJ, beatbox or produce music as Noise Academy join us for a day filled with music technology.  Learn new skills or quiz the experts in small group and individual sessions.  The morning workshops will give you the opportunity to try out DJing, beatboxing and music production. During the 90 minute workshops you’ll spend 30 minutes on each area with demos and interactive sessions.  If you want to learn more you can sign up for a 15 minute tutorial in the afternoon. 

Book online for the morning workshop sessions and sign up on the day for the follow up tutorial.