Hub Structure



What is a Music Hub?

A partnership of groups and organisations that agrees, supports and facilitates a common agenda for the provision of musical activities and opportunities for the children and young people and the wider community.
It ensures and maintains standards of Music Education, It supports musical pathways for Children and Young people – responding to the National Plan for Music Education. Provides a shared vision – a collaboration with shared vision and principles which supports artistic development for all – collaboration towards a common purpose.
A collaboration of music providers creating a sum greater than its parts.
An organisation that works for the benefit of a group of people (children, young people and adults), with an agreed framework.
A nerve centre for improved access – the place where people naturally come to for music support and advice.

The Benefits of a Music Hub

High quality music provision at every level;
Collaborative outcomes;
A diverse team;
The best possible group to deliver to children/young people;
A way of sharing resources, for getting resources and avoiding duplication;
One stop shop for music education;
Formal and informal network of providers;
Wrap around music provision for children;
People with both individual and shared aims;
Connecting diverse organisations;
Shared vision collaborative working for mutual benefit;
Learning from each other (cross sector)
challenging and sharing resources.

The Value of a Music Hub

Works for the benefit of children young people and the community, provides networking opportunities, influences decision making, inform and challenges practice; provides opportunities for new ideas and ways of working to be shared and explored; utilises existing funding and explores/attracts potential funding; contributes to better outcomes for children and young people; helps organisations to do what they already do – but better.