27th May

Cake Club Orchestra

Cake Club Orchestra is a unique pop up "orchestra" made up musicians of any age ( 7yrs +), any ability and any instrument.

Over the course of a few hours the group will create and perform a new work using an array of improvisation, graphic, cue card, listening and playing techniques. 

The Cake Club Orchestra is a joyful adventure into different ways of making and playing music together. So it doesn't matter if you have been playing for only a few days or whether you are the leader of the Berlin Philharmonic - the Cake Club Orchestra will challenge and inspire. More importantly it is just brilliant fun !! So dust off your tuba, plug in your electric guitar, unleash your accordion and sign up for a few hours of craziness !! 

Musical Playground

'Musical Playground' - Come and explore your creativity at a hands-on, family friendly music workshop (ages 6 - 11).

Previous musical experience not necessary but if you play an instrument please bring it along (that includes parents!)

Gamelan Workshop

Spend an hour exploring and playing the Javanese Gamelan.  The traditional orchestra of Indonesia, Hull's Gamelan Kyai Sri Jaladri Naga, or Honorific Sea Dragon is made up of gongs, metallophones and hand drums.  Playing the Gamelan can be creative and absorbing from the very first time you have a go.  No experience necessary, but be prepared to sit on the floor while playing.

1:15pm -2:00pm