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This term the Music Service is offering secondary school and sixth form students and staff a once in a lifetime opportunity to perform at the Royal Albert Hall in London.  On Wednesday  15th November hundreds of young musicians from across the city will join together to play and sing as part of our massed ensemble ‘#HearHull’ for the Music for Youth Proms.

We will be performing a new work created for the occasion by composer and music service teacher Dr. Tom Lawrence entitled ‘Swerving East’ which sets some of the poetry of Philip Larkin to music evoking the city and its people.

All secondary school and sixth form college singers and instrumentalists are invited to perform, whatever they play, whatever standard they are and regardless of whether they read music or not!  There will be support from music service staff to help pupils learn the music and workshops taking place in schools to help them get a sense of how the piece fits together.

Below are three mp3 files of the Sibelius version of the piece to give you an idea of how it goes along with vocal parts, lyrics and backing tracks for those who want to sing in the choir.  For more information please contact the music service (01482 318800), consult our website ( or the Music for Youth website (


A cut price crowd conductors score Audio – Download Link


Swerving East – Vocal Track

Swerving East – Vocal Track Audio – Download Link


Swerving east, from rich industrial shadows 
And traffic all night north; swerving through fields 
Too thin and  thistled to be called meadows, 
And now and then a harsh-named halt, that shields 
Workmen at dawn; swerving to solitude 
Of skies and scarecrows, haystacks, hares and pheasants, 
And the widening river’s slow presence, 
The piled gold clouds, the shining gull-marked mud,

Gathers to the surprise of a large town: 
Here domes and statues, spires and cranes cluster 
Beside grain-scattered streets, barge-crowded water, 
And residents from raw estates, brought down 
The dead straight miles by stealing flat-faced trolleys, 
Push through plate-glass swing doors to their desires— 

Here silence stands. 

Swerving East – Lyrics Sheet – Download Link



#HearHull performers will also need to learn Music for Youth’s grand finale song – ‘Shine the Light Bright’, which all participants of the prom concert will perform together at the end of the concert.

Shine the Light Bright

Shine the Light Bright – download link


See us stand here together,
You can see we stand as one.
A light that shines on forever
Through the world like the rise of the sun
Should you stumble and fall we will always guide you home
You’ll never be alone.
Shining bright through the night comes the light of our song. (Repeat)
Voice 1
Sail across the sea freely shine the light bright.
Let them see.
Voice 2
So if clouds are grey, send them away
You can have your say so
Shine the light bright,
light up the world every day.
Voice 3
Now if they say no, just go
Shine the light bright, help them come together

 Shine the Light Bright – Lyrics Sheet – Download Link

Example Video from 2013.

Co-Create Cornwall Massed Ensemble perform One and All (Onen Hag Oll) on the last night of the Schools Prom 2013 at the Royal Albert Hall. The composition was written by Joe Broughton specifically for the event and involved over 600 students from 29 schools across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.




Music for Youth Promo Video

MUSIC FOR YOUTH PROMS 2016 – 14,15,16 NOVEMBER 2016 –

Extraordinary talent, magnificent music and inspiring performance; come and share in the drama and energy of the Music for Youth Proms this November, where 3000 of the UK’s brightest young musicians share the stage over 3 nights at the iconic Royal Albert Hall

Thanks to Black Swan for producing the film. Music by Wigan Youth Brass Band “Pound the Streets”.

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