Music tuition

All the secondary schools and the majority of the primary schools in Hull offer instrumental tuition during the school day, many of them on a variety of different instruments.  If you are looking for music lessons for your child, contact the school in the first instance (the Headteacher or music coordinator in a primary school, or the Head of Music in a secondary school).

The Music Service’s team of forty instrumental and vocal teachers visit the majority of Hull schools and cover all the standard orchestral and band instruments, plus singing, guitar and piano/keyboard in secondary schools. The Music Service teachers all have full DBS clearance.

Some schools engage other instrumental teachers for some instruments, and the school will be able to provide details.

Private tuition is also available locally.  Music shops often keep a list of teachers offering lessons.  The Incorporated Society of Musicians ( recommends fee levels and has a register of teachers.

Instrument loans

The Music Service loans out instruments free of charge to pupils in Hull schools who receive instrumental lessons from Music Service staff.  Parents are responsible for these instruments whilst on loan and should make sure that they are adequately insured.  Full details are provided when lessons commence.

The instruments belonging to the Music Service are not available for use in private lessons.

When a student/parent wishes to buy an instrument, the Music Service teacher is able to advise on the best instrument to buy and where to buy from.  We do not advise buying an instrument on the internet without getting specialist advice first.


Lessons take place once a week in school, for 32 weeks in the school year.  Pupils need to take their instruments home between lessons and during the holidays and practise them on a daily basis, as far as possible.  The pupils who do the most practice will be the pupils who make the most progress – and will generally be the ones who enjoy playing the most.

You can help your child from the very beginning by providing a regular time and a place each day to do their practising.  A music stand will help them to develop good posture by keeping the music at the right height.

The value of encouragement from parents and family members to keep playing and keep practising cannot be over-estimated, and it is not necessary to have any knowledge of music yourself to do this.  Short performances at home will help you to know that they are making progress and will give them further encouragement.

Joining an ensemble

Most pupils make quicker progress once they start to play in a group with other musicians.  Many schools have instrumental ensembles or an orchestra and the Music Service provides a range of high quality ensemble opportunities at the Albemarle Music Centre on weekday evenings.  These ensembles cover a range of styles from orchestral through wind and brass bands to jazz and percussion groups, as well as junior and senior choirs.   All ages and abilities are catered for.  When your child begins lessons, the teacher will be able to advise you when to expect an invitation to join, and which night of the week will be available for that instrument.

The Music Service ensembles rehearse at the Albemarle Music Centre next to St Stephen’s shopping centre in the middle of Hull.  The Albemarle Music Centre and the ensembles are funded by the Hull City Council and there is no charge to schools or pupils for membership of an ensemble run by the Music Service.


Times and details are in the ensembles section of the website.

In the rare event of a rehearsal being cancelled at short notice, a notification will be put on the website.