First Rehearsal

Rehearsal Schedules

**A selection of our rehearsal schedules have now been updated to include our extra events. Please check your appropriate document for any changes. 

If you are not sure whether a rehearsal is on or not please ring the Albemarle on 01482 318800 or contact us through our website here



Ensemble First Rehearsal Back
 City of Hull Youth Jazz Orchestra  
 Junior Brass Band 19 September 2017
 Junior Windband 18 September 2017
 Training Windband 18 September 2017
 Junior Youth Orchestra 20 September 2017
 Albemarle Brass Ensemble  
 City of Hull Youth Symphony Orchestra  
 Elementary String Orchestra 21 September 2017
 Junior Percussion Ensemble 20 September 2017
 Junior Choir  
 City of Hull Youth Symphonic Windband  
 Training Brass Group 19 September 2017
 Training Windband 18 September 2017
 City of Hull Youth Choir  
 Training String Orchestra 20 September 2017
 Training Percussion Ensemble  
 Albemarle Clarinet Quartet  
 City of Hull Youth Percussion Ensemble  
 Albemarle Trombone Ensemble  
 Aural Class  
 Theory Class