9th September

Gamelan Workshop

Spend an hour exploring and playing the Javanese Gamelan.  The traditional orchestra of Indonesia, Hull's Gamelan Kyai Sri Jaladri Naga, or Honorific Sea Dragon is made up of gongs, metallophones and hand drums.  Playing the Gamelan can be creative and absorbing from the very first time you have a go.  No experience necessary.



Melia Duo

Found Objects - percussion and composition workshop

Join the Melia Duo to create a sound track using found objects.  Bring along your own object – anything that you can make a sound with and create sound effects for an original composition. This should be something that isn't likely to break, and isn't of any sentimental value (in case it does get damaged). 

Learn about composition and how to create sound effects have a go at composing your own music in this family friendly workshop.  Suitable for ages 6 +


What Does Hull Sound Like?

What does Hull sound like? If Hull were a song, what would it be? 
Join composer and vocal leader Michael Betteridge to explore a series of new songs created especially for, and with, the people of Hull. 

Michael will be continuing the creative journey of the song writing from the first workshops and together, through improvisation and sharing ideas we will create an original song.

This month there is a vocal workshop 10:30-12:00 and an instrumental workshop 1:00-3:00.

Instrumentalists of all styles and abilities are welcome, notation reading is not essential. Remember to bring your instrument along! 

The song will be performed and recorded on 7th October. 

Listen to and learn the song so far here.

Age 6+