Training Percussion Group

Training Percussion Ensemble 2016

The Training Percussion Group was formed in September 2009 to enable primary and secondary school pupils to attend the Albemarle Music Centre on a weekly basis to build performance and team-work skills through music.   Members of the group come from a growing number of both primary and secondary schools, with players ages ranging from 8 to 16.

The group is run by Jayne Hunt, percussion teacher, and rehearses in the Main Hall of the Albemarle Music Centre on Monday evenings during term time between 4.45 pm and 5.45 pm.

The Training Percussion Group also perform at the Hull Regional Festival of Music for Youth, and has recently performed at Cottingham Day, Lees Rest Home and the Cornucopia Festival.

We learn a huge range of music on standard percussion instruments, Samba, Steel Pans and have even used our drumsticks on chairs to entertain our audience!