What Does Hull Sound Like?

Loud, talking, waves, fog horn, rag and bone man, bird song, hull accent, church bells, sirens, traffic, buzzing, hum……

In a series of workshops at Albemarle Saturdays,  composer Michael Betteridge and the creative people of Hull are writing a song all about Hull.

Workshops are open to everyone from age 6+ and have been a great way to celebrate what it means to live in Hull in 2017.

The process started with thinking about the sounds of Hull and this developed into writing sentences describing Hull and what it means to live here.

The song is almost finished and you can download the music and listen to it.

The next 2 workshops will focus on finishing the song, learning it and adding some instrumental accompaniment.

Come along and be part of it.

No musical experience necessary!

Song Lyrics


Morning sound of the fog horn,

Welcomes bright buildings by the water,

Happy people, singing loud,

Hull is fashionable, exciting and proud.

Verse 1

Curlews calling over the waves,

Birds singing, church bells ringing,

The Humber Bridge standing tall and strong,

The vibrant colours of our city


Verse 2

The sparkling river flows past the marina,

The Deep’s striking angles glisten,

Our curving scale lane bridge is swinging,

As the River Hull meets the Humber