Rehearsal Orchestra Day led by Sinfonia UK Collective @ Middleton Hall
Nov 10 @ 16:00 – 17:00

Rehearsal Orchestra Day: 1927 – A Joyous Epic


10 November 2017, 4.00pm-5.00pm

Middleton Hall, Hull Campus


Rehearsal Orchestra Day led by Sinfonia UK Collective

Lee Tsang: conductor


Marking the University of Hull’s 90th anniversary, we go back to the year 1927 and the premiere of the work Flivver: 10 Million, Frederick Converse’s ‘Joyous Epic’, which was written to mark the production of the 10 millionth Henry Ford automobile. This work, which celebrates modernity and innovation with unabashed appeal, featured in the musical estate of Hull’s own Ethel Leginska (Liggins), the first woman to conduct many of the world’s leading orchestras.


The event, led by Sinfonia UK Collective, will feature talented young performers from across Hull and the surrounding region. It offers a great opportunity for pupils, students and members of the community to rehearse and perform in a large orchestra, receiving expert instruction and leadership.


In addition to a performance of Converse’s glorious musical adventure, audiences will have the opportunity to find out more about Leginska the orchestral conductor and why 1927 was such a landmark in her career.

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